DTS 3000, DTT 6000 & DTI 6000 Series Cooling Units

Thermal Protection for Critical Electronics

In harsh environments involving high temperatures, wash-down requirements, heavy particulate matter or the presence of chemicals capable of damaging components (NEMA 4 or 12 environments), ambient air must be kept out of the enclosure.

Pfannenberg Cooling Units seals out the ambient air, cooling and re-circulating clean, cool air throughout the enclosure.

When are cooling units necessary?

  • If cooling cannot be accomplished by the outside air.
  • If the temperature required inside the electrical cabinet should be equal to or lower than the ambient temperature.
  • If the ambient air is strongly contaminated with oil or conductive dusts.
  • When higher ingress protection is required (Type rating).

Important for the use of Cooling Units:

  • Ensure a good supply of air intake and outtake from the external circuit of the cooling unit, so that thermal energy can be transferred to the surroundings.
  • The lowest temperature inside the enclosure may not necessarily be the best. The 95 °F (35 °C) preset by Pfannenberg represents a good compromise between service life and the accumulation of condensation.

Pfannenberg’s DTS 3000 Series Cooling Units are driven to meet the demands of our North American NEMA market. These units meet the needs on indoor NEMA Type 12 applications, NEMA Type 3R/4 outdoor applications and NEMA Type 4/4x stainless steel for washdown applications.

The DTI 6000 Series Recessed Cooling Units allows for European style recessed mounting on enclosure doors and/or side panels on modular systems. These “click & fit” units reduce installation times by more than 90%.

Pfannenberg’s revolutionary designed DTT Top Mount Cooling Units offer unique protection through our innovative, patented condensate management system. These units can be safely installed above critical components with peace of mind.