Heaters, Thermostats and Hygrostats

Additional Protection for your Electronics

The formation of condensation is one of the biggest dangers for electrical enclosures. As long as they are working under load, their own warmth prevents water from condensing. If the process is switched off, the electronics cool down. This is where our control cabinet heaters (radiant heaters and fan heaters) provide additional protection for your electronics.

We offer a wide variety of performance class control cabinet heaters which are complemented by thermostats and hygrostats. Combined as a solution, they ensure that the temperature inside the control cabinet is always correct and that the formation of condensation is prevented.

The control of Filterfans® by Thermostat represents an intelligent solution for control of the fan, preventing excessive energy usage and reducing the maintenance cost associated with the frequency of replacing filters.

Pfannenberg’s heaters, thermostats and hygrostats expand Pfannenberg’s protection to additional outdoor applications such as ATMs, Kiosks, Ticket Machines etc.

Adding Heaters, Thermostats and Hygrostats to Cooling Units

Adding an accessory such as a heater or thermostat to an enclosure with a cooling unit can help protect electronics from being exposed to temperatures below the recommended operating range. Another benefit to using a heater and thermostat in an enclosure is to protect from the formation of condensation within the cabinet. In a very humid environment where condensation may form at higher temperatures the hygrostat will control the heater based upon relative humidity.

As a system; cooling units, heaters, thermostats and hygrostats will ensure that the environment within the enclosure is ideal for performance and service life of the critical electronics.