Line Reactors & Load Reactors

Power Reactors and Inductors

Engineered Solutions for your specific application!

Micron can design and build custom power components intended for reduction or mitigation of harmful line conditions including harmonics on both line and load  circuits.  We are not limited to catalog standard designs, and will design and build to your specific application needs.

New custom designs can be supplied within five working days, with first articles delivered within four weeks of drawing approval.  Established designs require a maximum of 20 working days to ship day, with shorter lead times available depending upon complexity of design and nature of  raw material requirements.  As is the case with all Micron products, serialized detailed test results may be supplied with all items shipped. Micron can design and build the following products to your specific performance, physical envelope size, and mechanical mounting requirements:

  • Line and Load Reactors
  • DC Link Chokes
  • Custom Inductors