Thermal Managment

Critical Thermal Management Solutions for Maximum Up-time and Efficiency

Did you know that the ambient conditions around the outside of the enclosure can have a direct effect on the best thermal management solution chosen for your application?

  • For example: An enclosure placed in an environment that is hostile to a cooling unit may require an air to water heat exchanger. An air to water heat exchanger is not susceptible to the effects of dust and debris that would typically foul a standard air conditioner.
  • Electronics sensitive to electromagnetic interference may need a shielded EMC Filterfan®.
  • An enclosure located outdoors or in a humid environment may require a hygrostat or thermostat and a heater to eliminate the formation of condensate, leading to corrosion and short circuiting.

To explore more thermal management solutions visit the links below. If you need assistance please contact one of our applications engineers or use our sizing software online for help determining the proper thermal management solution.