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Picture: GlobalTRAN Transformer
Picture: GlobalTRAN Diagram


In response to the change in compliance standards for CE marking of industrial control transformers as required by IEC/EN guidelines, Micron has introduced new GlobalTRAN models in compliance with EN61558-2. This new IEC/EN standard replaces the previous IEC/EN 60742 standard for control power transformers that expired on December 31, 2003. The Micron design engineering department has produced 61558-2 compliant designs that permit the customer to retain mounting layouts used for the previous Micron 60742 designs.

GlobalTRAN® products carry the CE mark, certifying 100% compliance with requirements of EN61558 for Non-Short Circuit Proof Isolating Transformers. GlobalTRAN control transformers feature touch-proof terminals, utilizing either Micron’s SafeTouch terminal covers or a touch-proof terminal block, and meet true IP-20 or IP-00 terminal protection ratings as defined by IEC-529.

GlobalTRAN is the most reliable and versatile control transformer in the industry today.

  • Carries the CE mark
  • 20-year warranty, double the industry standard
  • Epoxy encapsulated coils for cooler, safer operation
  • SafeTouch terminals for additional safety
  • Optional integral primary and/or secondary fusing
  • 10-32 screw terminals, molded terminal barriers
  • Molded-in terminals and phil-slot screws
Picture: ImperviTRAN Transformer
Picture: ImperviTRAN Diagram



ImperviTRAN® is the ultra-reliable industrial control circuit transformer. Behind its clean design is a toughness that makes it measure up to any requirement placed upon it. Manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment, control panels and centers have made ImperviTRAN the most
accepted transformer in the industry.

  • Epoxy encapsulated coils
  • 20-year warranty, double the industry standard
  • Secondary fuse clips where applicable
  • Optional primary fusing
  • Molded terminal barriers
  • 10-32 screw terminals
  • Molded-in terminals
  • Phil-slot screws


ValuTRAN® is designed to deliver industrial control power electrical performance in a small footprint.  This cost-effective product line will satisfy custom application requirements with the same quality and service levels found in the Micron ImperviTRAN® and ImperviTRAN I-2® encapsulated designs, and will be shipped within Micron’s consistently industry shortest lead time of 10 working days or less ARO.  With its varnished coil construction, ValuTRAN® offers another option, especially if your application does not require or significantly benefit from an encapsulated coil design.

Offering the same wide range of line and load voltage combinations offered with the other Micron CPT products, ValuTRAN® will be a problem solver for tight mounting constraints as well as component cost pressures.  Please contact Micron for further information regarding this product at 800-664-4660.


Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers

Picture: Single Phase Type 1-E Encapsulated Picture: Three Phase Type 3-E Encapsulated Picture: Single Phase Type 1-V Ventilated Picture: Single Phase Type 1-V Ventilated
Single PhaseType 1-E EncapsulatedType 1-E general purpose transformers are single phase, resin encapsulated designs suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. It’s totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure make it ideally suited for use in areas that contain dust, moisture, or corrosive fumes. Available in ratings through 25 KVA type 1-E transformers can be mounted in any position for indoor installations and in upright positions only for outdoor installations. Three PhaseType 3-E EncapsulatedType 3-E resin encapsulated, 3-phase transformers are available in ratings of 3-75 KVA. Its totally enclosed non-ventilated enclosure makes the 3-E ideally suited for outdoor as well as indoor locations. Type 3-E transformers utilize the 185°C insulation system with 115°C rise. 3-E transformers 3-15 KVA are T-T connected.Units installed outdoors must be mounted in upright position.

Single Phase

Type 1-V Ventilated

1-V general purpose transformers are single phase ventilated units designed primarily for indoor locations (also for outdoor for 600 volt class with the addition of weathershields). The 1-V utilizes a 220°C insulation system with 150°C rise and is available in ratings of 15-167 KVA.

Three Phase

Type 3-V Ventilated

The 3-phase 3-V ventilated dry-type is available in ratings of 15-750 KVA. Its 220°C insulation system (150°C rise) is self-extinguishing. 3-V enclosures are designed for indoor locations (or outdoors for 600 volt class with addition of weathershields).

General Information

Industry Standards

All Micron dry-type distribution and control transformers are built and tested in accordance with applicable NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards. All 600 volt class transformers are UL listed unless otherwise noted.

Seismic Qualified

The Micron family of dry-type distribution transformers is seismically tested, seismically qualified, and exceeds requirements of the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and California Code Title 24.


Micron standard dry-type distribution transformers are designed for 60 Hz operation. Transformers required for other frequencies must be specifically designed.

Overload Capability

Short term overload is designed into transformers as required by ANSI. Basically, dry-type distribution transformers will deliver 200% nameplate load for one-half hour; 150% load for one-hour; and 125% load for four-hours without being damaged provided that a constant 50% load precedes and follows the overload. See ANSI C57 .96-01.250 for additional limitations.

Continuous overload capacity is not deliberately designed into a transformer because the design objective is to be within the allowed winding temperature rise with nameplate loading.

Insulation System & Temperature Rise

Industry standards classify insulation systems and rise as shown below:

Insulation System Classification

Ambient +Winding Rise +Hot Spot =Temp. Class
40°C 55°C 10°C 105°C
40°C 80°C 30°C 150°C
40°C 115°C 30°C 185°C

The design life of transformers having different insulation systems is the same -the lower temperature systems are designed for the same life as the higher temperature systems.

Sound Levels

All Micron 600 volt class dry-type distribution transformers are designed to meet NEMA ST-20 levels listed here.

KVA NEMA Average* Sound Level in db40
0-9 40
10-50 45

*Applies to general purpose transformers only.

Winding Terminations

Primary and secondary windings are terminated in the wiring compartment. Encapsulated units have copper leads or stabs brought out for connections. Micron recommends external cables be rated 90°C (sized at 75°C ampacity) for encapsulated designs.

Series-Multiple Windings

Series-multiple windings consist of 2 similar coils in each winding which can be connected in series or parallel (multiple). Transformers with series-multiple windings are designated with an “X” or” I” between the voltage ratings. such as primary voltage of “120/240” or “240 X 480”. If the series-multiple winding is designated by an “X” the winding can be connected only for a series or parallel. With the”I” designation, a mid-point also becomes available in addition to the series or parallel connection. As an example, a 120 X 240 winding can be connected for either 120 (parallel) or 240 (series), but a 120/240 winding can be connected for 120 (parallel), or 240 (series), or 240 with a 120 mid-point.


View Low Voltage General Purpose FAQs.

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Picture: Low Voltage General Purpose & Buck-Boost Transformers


Low Voltage General Purpose (LVGP)

  • Single or Three Phase Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers
  • Resin encapsulated or ventilated casings provide flexibility in use-optional weather shields allow use of ventilated casing outdoors
  • Encapsulated totally-enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure ideally suited for use in indoor/outdoor areas that contain dust, moisture, corrosive fumes
  • Can be mounted in any position for indoor installations and in upright position for outdoor installations


Micron announces the introduction of our new Same Day Ship-From-Stock Program for Micron Enclosed General Purpose transformers. Over 90 distinct catalog items, including voltage matching buck-boost designs, are available for shipment from Micron inventory in our Illinois manufacturing facility. This new service-based program, along with our existing Control Transformer Stock Standard Program, will allow customers to obtain market-best service for their low voltage transformer requirements. Contact your local sales representative or for details.

View more information on Micron’s Low Voltage General Purpose transformers

Picture: Low Voltage General Purpose & Buck-Boost Transformers


  • Small KVA, single phase, 600 volt class, insulating transformers
  • Dual Primary and dual Secondary windings
  • Use connected as autotransformers by utilizing one unit for single phase applications-two or three banked for three phase operation
  • Primarily used for motor operation to correct fluctuating line voltage or to obtain a neutral on a delta system
  • Should not be used for motor control circuits
  • Buck-Boost transformers provide an economical method of correcting lower or higher voltage to a voltage rating more suitable for efficient equipment operation

View more information on Micron’s Buck-Boost transformers.

Buck-Boost Transformers

A Buck-Boost Transformer is used to provide an economical method of correcting a lower or higher voltage to a voltage rating more suitable for efficient operation of electrical equipment.

Buck-Boost Transformers are small KVA, single phase, 600 volt class insulating transformers with dual primary and dual secondary windings and are usually connected as autotransformers by utilizing one unit for single phase applications and either two or three units banked for three phase operation. They are primarily used for motor operation and should not be used for motor control circuits, to correct fluctuating line voltage or to obtain a neutral on a delta system. These applications require transformers especially designed for these specific applications.

Note: When installation is to be made on a grounded system, consideration must be given to the resulting voltage. Thus, on a 208 grounded wye/120 system the voltage can be boosted to 240 volts but the voltage to ground will be 139 volts. If 240/120 volts with a mid-point ground is needed, a standard two-winding transformer must be used.

The following formulas can be used to calculate specific requirements.

For Single Phase:

Load Voltage x Full Load Amps

For Three Phase:

Line Load Voltage x 1.73 x
Full Load Amps

The following information is necessary for selecting a buck-boost transformer.

Line Voltage – The voltage that you want to buck (decrease) or boost (increase). This can be found by measuring the supply line voltage with a voltmeter.Load Voltage -The voltage at which your equipment is designed to operate. This is listed on the nameplate of the load equipment.

Load Amps or Load KVA – You do not need to know both-one or the other is sufficient for selection purposes. This information usually can be found on the nameplate of the equipment that you want to operate.

Frequency – The supply line frequency must be the same as the frequency of the equipment to be operated-Micron Buck-Boost Transformers operate at 60 Hz only.

Phase – The supply line should be the same as the equipment to be operated-either single or three phase.

Transformer Interconnection

For three phase applications, interconnections of transformers should be made in a junction box. Two or three transformers may be used depending on an open delta (2) or wye (3) connection.

Note: For 1 phase connections and 3 phase open delta connections, inputs and outputs may be reversed. KVA capacity remains constant.

To order, call 1-800-664-4660.

View Buck-Boost FAQs.

Control Transformer Accessories

Picture: Fuse Kit
Picture: SafeTouch Terminal Covers


Primary Fuse Kit

In addition to factory installed primary fusing capability, Micron offers a primary fuse kit for ImperiTRAN and ValuTRAN for field installation. The primary fuse kit includes a 2-pole class cc fuse block, instructions, and all associated mounting and wiring hardware. Additionally, this fuse kit will fit most competitors units. The primary fuse kit, when installed, will add a maximum of 11/16″ to the transformer “A” dimension and 1-15/16″ to the “C” dimension. To order, call 800 664-4660 and request catalog number FKTP-1001.

SafeTouch Terminal Covers

SafeTouch terminal Covers are optionally available for GlobalTRAN as well as other ImperviTRAN and ValuTRAN transformers, and meet the fingersafe or touch-proof requirements for IEC specification 529 IP20 degree specification for protection. Covers are available in kit form for the transformer, either with or without secondary fuse clips. When installed, the covers prevent contact with current-carrying parts.

Catalog No. Description
TPTC-1001 Individual 4-terminal cover kit
TPTC-1002 Individual 6-terminal cover kit

SafeTouch Fuse Block Cover Kits

New SafeTouch terminal covers are optionally available for GlobalTRAN as well as other ImperviTRAN and ValuTRAN transformers for the primary fuse block. Featuring Micron’s patented easy-open latch mechanism that allows the use of any small pointed object such as a small screwdriver or ball-point pen to release the cover for removal, the new design meets the IP20 fingersafe or touch-proof requirements for IEC specification 529, preventing contact with current-carrying parts.

Catalog No. Description
TPTC-1006 Individual fuse block cover kit, 2-pole

Low Voltage General Purpose Transformer Accessories

Picture: Wall Mounting Brackets
Picture: Weather Shield Kit


Wall Mounting Brackets

Wall mounting brackets are used to mount most 15 through 75 KVA and some 100 and 112.5 KVA Type 1-V and 3-V transformers. This bracket allows for 6″ clearance from the wall as recommended by Micron.

Catalog No. Description
WMB01MI Wall Mounting Bracket

Weather Shield Kit

A weather shield kit consisting of a front and rear cover shield must be installed on all ventilated dry-type distribution transformers when the unit is located outdoors. The shields protect the transformer top ventilation openings against rain but allow for proper ventilation. Field installation hardware is not required. Refer to specific transformer listing for selection of weather shield kit.

Number Fits Frame Size(s) KVA Range
WS1OM 808 10-15
WS11M 809.810.811 15-50
WS12M 812.813 50-100
WS13M 814 167
WS30M 909 7.5-15
WS31M 910.911.912 15-45
WS32M 913A. 914A. 915A 45-112.5
WS33M 916 112.5-150
WS34M 917,918 150-300
WS35M 919,920 300-700
WS36M 922 500 (Non-linear)

Terminal Lug Kits for Type 3-V Transformers

Terminal Lugs
Cable Range
Qty. Hardware
Bolt Size
LKS1MI 15-37.5 KVA
Single Phase
#14-#2 8 1/4-20×3/4 8
15-45 KVA
Three Phase
#6-250 MCM 4 8
LKS2MI 50-75 KVA
Single Phase
#6-250 MCM 12 1/4-20×3/4 8
75-112.5 KVA
Three Phase
1/4-20×1 3/4 8
LKS3MI 100-167 KVA
Single Phase
#6-250 MCM 3 1/4-20×3/4 3
150-300 KVA
Three Phase
#2-600 MCM 22 3/8-16×2 16
Three Phase
#2-600 MCM 29 3/8-16×2 18

Rodent Screens

Rodent screens are used to discourage entry by birds or rodents.

Catalog No. Frame Size(s)
RSO1MI 909
RSO2MI 910, 911, 912
RSO3MI 913A, 914A, 915A
RSO4MI 916
RSO5MI 917, 918
RSO6MI 919, 920